You can make a difference to protecting Australia’s wildlife by donating to us online. All donations currently go towards our koala project, which involves training wildlife detection dogs and undertaking various ecological studies to track down and save the Blue Mountains’ elusive koala population.

To make a donation, click on the Donate Now button below, fill out your details in our secure payment system via PayPal. You can select to pay by credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account. Every donation makes a difference and without your support, our work could not continue. On behalf of our koalas and native wildlife, we say thank you!

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This amount could pay for genetic samples, scent swabs, or contribute to one of our larger project costs.


This could help pay for some our equipment costs like batteries for GPS units and tracking receivers, and field books for volunteer training.


This could pay for one week of fuel for tracking koalas in the Blue Mountains.



This could help us to cover the costs of training volunteers to become part of our koala project.


 Nominate your own amount. Every dollar counts, thanks!


If you’re feeling crazily generous this will buy a new technology GPS tracking collar for a koala. The collars are light, don’t bother the koala at all and look seriously stylish, all the other koalas will want one.

Please note that donations for this project are not yet tax deductible.