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Join our efforts to map koalas in the Blue Mountains region. Use this form to:
1. Report a Koala Sighting
2. Register to receive maps and helpful info on where (and how) to go Koala Spotting in the Blue Mountains
3. Register to volunteer to radio track koalas (conditions apply).

1. To report a koala sighting please use the form below, or you can use our mapping portal by clicking the button below.

2. Register here if you'd like to learn where koalas are likely to be, what habitats to look in, and how to spot koalas, scats and signs. We'll let you know when our next Koala Spotting Workshops are running, and we'll send you online materials including maps of where to go looking, and we have some mobile-friendly koala mapping techniques coming soon. Please note in the message that you're interested in Koala Spotting.

3. Use this form to register your interest to help us radio track collared koalas in the Blue Mountains. You'll need to attend a training day to learn the techniques, and you'll need some previous experience with off-track bushwalking, but we'd love you take up the challenge and help with this important work! Please note in your message what activity you are interested in.

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