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Risks around administering food and water to native wildlife after a natural disaster

After experiencing a catastrophic natural disaster like the bushfire season of 2020, we naturally assume that putting out food and water sources for our native wildlife is a required action to assist in the environments healing. What many don’t realise, is that while appropriate in extreme circumstances, at other times these food and water sources can be harmful to our wildlife and are often not recommended. Well intentioned members of the public that try to assist wildlife in the longer term may in fact be jeopardising the health and wellbeing of our wildlife, and therefore the recovery of populations and habitats after a natural disaster. In ...

An Expert on the Blue Mountains Region – Meet Shane

As we launch into a new year of goals, projects and planning we are again reminded of just how important a role our Science for Wildlife volunteers play within our organisation. Many of our volunteers have grown up in the Blue Mountains area, spending their weekends exploring the national parks and walking trails, making their first-hand knowledge of the area invaluable during field surveys. Meet our volunteer Shane!