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Wildlife Near Me

Wildlife Near Me will ensure that wildlife emergency response actions and longer-term species recovery efforts are coordinated and effective. Read more about our exciting new collaborative project to help recover wildlife populations in the Blue Mountains region and beyond.

We joined up with California to talk about ‘On Fire – fire prevention, response and recovery.’

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZWA) has been a core partner with Science for Wildlife (S4W) in their Blue Mountains Koala Project since it began in 2014. Through this ongoing partnership, Kellie has been invited to be a guest speaker on many occasions to discuss the work Science for Wildlife does for wildlife conservation and especially with a recent focus on the extraordinary work S4W undertook during and after the 2019/20 bushfires.Which is why, on 24 June 2021, Kellie was invited to join 'On Fire' a panel, hosted by TreePeople (California), to discuss the extreme fire seasons that NSW and California recently faced. The panel ...