Given he has quite a fan base, we’ll be posting updates on Badger’s progress on this page. If you’re new to the story, Badger is our much-loved koala scat dog and ambassador for our Blue Mountains Koala Project. He was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. You can read about it in our news post here. However for now he’s putting up a real fight, including bouncing back from major surgery.

He’s just joined the large worldwide team of “tripod” dogs, he had his rear leg amputated for pain relief because the cancer causes debilitating bone pain that would have resulted in early euthanasia. This is a very common treatment in dogs with bone cancer, and also the much rarer type of joint tumour that Badger developed. If you’d like to see some inspiring stories about other tripod dogs head over to

Below are some photos of Badger’s journey, they will be regularly updated.

Before surgery

Badger pre-surgery
Badger on a trip to the Blue Mountains just before surgery, where he got in some last minute walks in the fresh air. You can see his back leg is sticking out as it’s already too sore to bend properly due to the tumour. It didn’t stop him having fun though!

Day 3

DAy 3 after surgery, appetite is good!
Badger on Day 3 after surgery. He never lost his appetite and got through this dentastick within a matter of minutes.

Day 4

Badger on day 4 with bear
Badger on Day 4 post-surgery, wandering around with his soft-toy and wanting to play. Today he is following us around the house, and regularly growling at me as he wants to go for a walk or do something. He’s had a chew toy and a treat ball already and is still complaining there is not enough action for him.

Day 7

Badger sleeping
We are on Day 7 now post-surgery, and this pic sums up what Badger has become very good at! He’s worked out he is on limited exercise, and seems happy to snooze a lot which has to be good for the healing process. He doesn’t wander around as much during the day and seems very settled, which was a little concerning after his up and about energy on Day 4 but he seems fine apart from happily dozey. He’s smart enough to work out no matter how much he hassles, he’s not getting long walks or plays so has probably given up to some extent. The wound is healing nicely for now, with the last of the bruising and swelling just about gone. A seroma or swelling of fluid could still come up in the later stages but so far so good.

Badger with squeaker bone
He’s still happy to play with toys in the morning and evening, as you can see here. He has finally started using the non-slip mats I put on our floorboards, probably just because it’s easier as they’re in the middle. When he first got home he’d carefully walk around them. I also built him a small ramp in case he struggled with steps, but he jumped straight over it on the first day home. A bit of a show off really!

Badger with oinker
Eating and drinking are definitely all systems go as well, as you can see by the enthusiastic look in his eyes as he tucks into a dried oinker. Not much news all round, but no news is good news! We’re happy to be drama free.

Day 12

You can’t keep a good dog down. Badger will have his stitches out on Monday, the wound has healed nicely and he is raring to go. He’s down to one medication and so is less dozy, and looking for things to do. He is still on restricted exercise until the vet sees the wound, but whenever we go outside he takes off in the direction of his favourite park and hopes each time that we don’t have to turn around. Here are a few pics of him playing with a new squeaker toy. He manages to go into dog down, or puppy play position, on three legs just fine. We looking forward to gradually rebuilding his fitness and doing longer walks.


Badger in dog down with toy

in the garden