Come koala spotting in Kanangra!

We’ve got some fieldwork coming up and we need helpers!
We’re expanding our ecological studies of koalas in the Kanangra-Boyd National Park area, after running a pilot study for 12 months. This October we will be searching for new koalas to include in our study. Koalas can be hard to find, so we need more eyes in the bush to help us search.

We don’t know much about this koala population yet so once we have tagged more koalas at this site we’ll be collecting information on tree use, how far the koalas move and what habitats they prefer, their breeding and mortality rates, and their genetic diversity and disease status.

There is more information on our event page HERE , where you can also register to attend. Come out and help us map and understand these amazing koalas who are living at over 1000m altitude.