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We rescued 12 koalas ahead of bushfires in the Blue Mountains, and released them back into the wild once it was safe. Now they have settled back in, we need to monitor them long-term to understand how koalas use the landscape after fire. That will tell us where else to look for survivors.

Four of our five koala study populations were burnt in the massive bushfires in December and January. We’ve lost potentially thousands of koalas. 80% of the World Heritage Area was burnt.

After months of emergency response work including search and rescue, and deployment of food and water stations (read more here), we’re now starting on the long road to koala population recovery.  The first step is to undertake large-scale surveys to find survivors. Understanding where koalas survived will not only tell us where we need to focus short-term resources to protect them, it will also help us to work out what fire refuges for koalas might look like so that we can protect those areas into the future, and ensure this species and many other survive.

We expect more intense and frequent fires under climate change, so we need to prepare and change how we manage koalas and their habitats in the face of this catastrophic threat.

To learn more about these unique and special koalas that occupy the vast Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area check out our Project Page

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