Exciting news from Africa

It’s been a long road full of challenges but a road well worth travelling; we are delighted to announce that we have just received endorsement from the Zambian Government for our collaborative wildlife conservation program. The aim of the program is to restore biodiversity and ecosystem processes in the stunning Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia. In essence, it involves utilising large mammal species as flagships for conservation and includes working with eland, large carnivores, and elephants with a view to eventually reintroducing black rhino. We’ll be undertaking ecological research to inform management, plus increasing protected area security and working to improve livelihoods for people living in communities adjacent to the protected area,

It’s an ambitious program that requires diverse expertise and we’re working in partnership with the Zambian Department of National Parks and Wildlife, on-site partner Conservation Lower Zambezi, plus community development NGOs.

There’s a lot to do to kick things off, starting with developing a fundraising strategy, so we’ll keep you posted over the coming months. Personally I’m very excited, the Lower Zambezi is an incredibly beautiful and special place that I was lucky enough to live and work in for 7 years – I can’t wait to get stuck in again and help to conserve this amazing landscape and its wildlife. Plus, I miss the elephants, the Zambezi River, and the African wild dogs and I’m looking forward to seeing them all again. It will even be good to see the ubiquitous impalas.

wildlife in the lower zambezi

We look forward to working with our program partners to get things moving. On behalf of everyone who loves the Lower Zambezi and its wildlife, a big thank you to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, and Conservation Lower Zambezi, for committing support to this program and facilitating Government endorsement.

More news to follow soon.

Yours in Conservation


Dr Kellie Leigh, Executive Director, Science for Wildlife.