Fieldwork Team Updates

19 Feb 2020

Water stations project continues despite recent rainfall

Providing clean water sources for wildlife for as long as it is needed, particularly for our koalas, continues to be a priority area for the Science for Wildlife team. So far, we have fitted 75 water stations across 3 sites and have arranged for the installation of another 30 large water towers. In light of recent rainfall, many now assume that our wildlife will have access to ample water sources throughout this next stage of recovery. Unfortunately, this is not the case – in the burnt areas many of our water sources are now contaminated with ash and other run off contaminants. On top of that, the ash beds that have been washed away would normally provide nutrients to help vegetation recover. We are going to continue our water stations project and will also collect data using remote camera surveys to get an idea of how effective this has been in helping animals affected by the bushfire crisis.


19 Jan 2020

Community koala spotting update

A total of 63 community koala sighting reports were received since July 2018. These were distributed across the broader region covered by the Blue Mountains Koala Project, including the Hawkesbury LGA and Lower Blue Mountains. These sightings are important as they allow us to catch koalas and give them a health check, and fit them with a VHF tracking device to monitor them.