Welcome to our Global Partners

We are delighted to welcome San Diego Zoo Global as Project Partners for our Blue Mountains Koala Project. With their generous support of radio-tracking collars and project funding, we can now initiate ecological studies to find out where koalas are living and what habitats they need to survive. San Diego Zoo staff have extensive expertise in this field and have been undertaking and supporting koala research for over 30 years, previously focused in QLD. With their support we can now start to find out just what is going on with koalas in our stunning Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

The Blue Mountains Koala Project has many objectives. While we are undertaking fine-scale studies on koala ecology by tracking koalas and recording their habitat use, we will continue to raise resources for large-scale mapping of the surviving koala populations using a variety of techniques including koala detection dogs. If you have recently seen koalas anywhere in the Blue Mountains or out on the western side of the ranges to Bathurst and Mudgee, please let us know using our contact form.

Check out our Blue Mountains Koala Project page for more information on what we are up to.

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