Koala seen in Blackheath!

Wow, nobody was expecting this. We’ve had indications that koalas might be in the valleys either side of the upper Blue Mountains communities, but we weren’t anticipating one popping up on the sandstone plateau at a famous cliff-line lookout.

But that is just what this male koala did, at Govetts Leap in Blackheath, and he treated his observers to a few bellows as well! His appearance has created quite a buzz in the mountains; koalas have not been recorded here before. It doesn’t get much more Aussie than this, an iconic koala at an iconic lookout in the World Heritage Blue Mountains.

Our research to date has indicated that there’s a growing population of koalas in the Blue Mountains region, with koalas regularly popping up where they have not been recorded for decades. Earlier this year there were koala sightings in Little Hartley and also down around Mulgoa and Silverdale in western Sydney, while another one was seen on the side of the road near Winmalee for the first time since the bushfires in 2013.

It’s exciting and very positive news for koalas, that the protected areas might support a large and widely dispersed koala population. We already know these koalas are important for conservation of the species (read more here), but we’ve got a lot more work to do to work out how many there are, where they live and which habitats are most important to them.

It’s koala mating season time so males and females are ranging much further in search of each other, and the males are bellowing. If you live in the area, keep your eyes and ears out and please continue to report your koala sightings to us.
Thanks to Cale Brown and Amy Davis for going to check out this sighting report and for the fabulous pics.

blackheath koala bellowing

The male koala putting his head back and letting loose with a bellow. Where there is one koala, there is more!