National Koala Genome Project

19 Sep 2018

koala safe in care

Genome project findings

The Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury region have the highest level of genetic diversity in the country, out of 22 populations sampled from South Australia up to northern Queensland. These results are good news in the face of recent claims by WWF-Australia and the Nature Conservation Council that koalas will be extinct by 2050. Land clearing has terrible impacts on koalas and that needs to be addressed, but to conserve koalas in the long-term we also need to look more into these potentially large populations within our protected areas. These populations may well prevent extinction of the species.


19 Feb 2018

kanangra koala with joeyUpdate to National Koala Genome Project

We are working with researchers at James Cook University, University of Sydney and San Diego Zoo Global, using ground-breaking technology to conserve koalas right across their range from Queensland to South Australia. Using whole-genome DNA, we can work out how different koalas are from each other and how to manage them.