Project Plant It – Providing a Future For Our Local Koalas

Last week, on Wednesday the 26th of May, 80 trees were planted by students from Winmalee Primary School with the guidance and help from the Blue Mountains Youth Councillors as a part of Project Plant It.

The students and councillors planted a range of Australian native trees at Springwood’s Deanei Forest on Wednesday. These tree species included: Eucalyptus deanei, Eucalyptus punctata, Syncarpia glomulifera, as well as 3 types of wattle; Acacia longifolia, Acacia ulicifolia and Acacia parramattensis. The trees were chosen to help maintain the forest as well as provide food and shelter for koalas.

Science for Wildlife was honoured to be asked to take part in this year’s program to give insights into koala’s living in the Blue Mountain’s region, and how we can help them during the current climate crisis.

What is Project Plant It?

Project Plant it was created by the Blue Mountains Youth Council in 2019 to encourage students to care for the environment and reconnect with nature. This program teaches local students how to plant and care for native trees in the area, as well as the importance of these trees for our immediate health, and the future of our planet. 

Project Plant it has been funded by Blue Mountains City Council, with assistance from the NSW Environmental Trust’s ‘Forest for the Future’ Grant.

How Science For Wildlife Is Helping

Our S4W CEO Dr Kellie Leigh recently attended a Youth Council meeting to discuss the incredible findings around genetic diversity amongst koala living in the Blue Mountains region, and why it’s so important we do as much as we can to keep them healthy and thriving.

“These koalas are some of the most genetically diverse koalas in the country and some populations are chlamydia free. Not only are they eating more tree species than previously thought, koalas in Kanangra-Boyd are even living above the typical koala climate envelope at 1000m elevation. These koalas are extremely significant for conservation – we need to ensure they have a future under climate change. By sharing our knowledge with young school students, we hope to a positive impact on future conservation for koalas and other wildlife.”

Dr Kellie Leigh

S4W has also provided key insights and guidance on the best species of trees to plant in order to provide local koalas with food and shelter. It was a great opportunity to speak with the Blue Mountains Youth Councillors and share knowledge that can be passed on to our younger locals.

“The Youth Council were very excited to hear from two local organisations that are doing essential work for our environment, especially in the Blue Mountains. It is fantastic to be able to learn more about what we can do to help and share that knowledge with the students at Winmalee Primary School.”

Chelsea Willingham, Youth Councillor

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