Blue Mountains Koala Project

We’re working to find and map our remaining koala populations in order to conserve them, across the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

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National Koala Genome Project

We’re working with partner organisations and using brand-spanking-new technology, whole-genome DNA, to help conserve koalas right across the species range.

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Wildlife detection dogs

We’re using ground-breaking techniques to develop wildlife detection dog survey methods, to help find endangered species that are low in number and difficult to survey.

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elephants crossing the Zambezi River


Wildlife reintroduction in Africa

We’re working with partner organisations in Zambia to reintroduce species of wildlife that have become locally extinct.

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What is a Dingo?

We’re using high-tech DNA to help define what a dingo is, which is a critical question for management.

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Caring for Country together

We aim to break down the barriers between wildlife science and indigenous knowledge, to promote our nation’s culture, improve our knowledge of wildlife, and help to restore connection to country.

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