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Halfway through 2019 and things are steaming ahead..

News Highlights > We're delighted that our Blue Mountains Koala Project is one of 10 projects in NSW recently awarded funding under the NSW Koala Research Plan. > Our first round of koala scat surveys in and around Kanangra are done, adding more koala records to the map > There is a training day for koala radio-tracking coming up, on 14th July > Please Donate - help us keep up the momentum! End of financial year is here, all donations are tax deductible.

Koalas, stubborn conservation dogs, and a shout out to our volunteers

It's been a busy few months of fieldwork, as we work to expand our Blue Mountains Koala Project into new areas and new habitats. First up, I'd like to say thanks to all the dedicated volunteers that came out koala spotting with us in Wollemi National Park recently...

The nose knows – the science is in on wildlife sniffer dogs

Scientists have for the first time tested wildlife detection dogs to see how they perform in different habitats, and the results are very impressive. Wildlife sniffer dogs are trained to find the scats (poo) or scent of hard to find wildlife species. As threatened species continue to drop in numbers, they become much harder to find and conserve. Detection dogs are a potential solution to that problem. Listen to ABC Radio National, or read all about it...