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Thank You to Our Donors – Large and Small

During the recent bushfire season Science for Wildlife was overwhelmed by the range of people who donated to help our cause, both locally and internationally. The incredible community support allowed us to scale up our efforts and ensure that the best available science and technology was being applied on the ground where it counted. Today we want to take the opportunity to thank those individuals, businesses and organisations for their support. Their generosity was imperative to our ability to act quickly and save precious wildlife from the unprecedented bushfires. Thank you to our donors Science for Wildlife received donations from a range of ...

Halfway through 2019 and things are steaming ahead..

News Highlights > We're delighted that our Blue Mountains Koala Project is one of 10 projects in NSW recently awarded funding under the NSW Koala Research Plan. > Our first round of koala scat surveys in and around Kanangra are done, adding more koala records to the map > There is a training day for koala radio-tracking coming up, on 14th July > Please Donate - help us keep up the momentum! End of financial year is here, all donations are tax deductible.

Koalas keep on coming, now in Winmalee

Press Release - Koalas are back in the Blue Mountains. Not long after the exciting report of a male koala at Govetts Leap in Blackheath, a run of koala sightings in Winmalee has caused quite a stir. It’s not all good news though, as many of these koalas are at risk.

Koalas in our Midst – learn about koalas in the Hawkesbury region

You are warmly invited to attend a free information session on koalas in the Hawkesbury area. Hear from experts about where koalas occur in your area, what they sound like and how you can help them. You'll have an opportunity to participate in people-powered research too, as part of our Intrepid Koala Scat Survey in May this year.

You’re not going to believe this…

We have just discovered a colony of koalas in the World Heritage Blue Mountains region, living at over 1000m. Not only that, but they were found on the top of a ridge in what most experts would class as poor quality and highly unlikely habitat. This is exciting news for koalas!

The story of George of the Jungle, a Troublesome Koala

Koalas are not as dull as they seem. When you see them dozing in a tree they look like they don’t get up to much, but some of them have a secret life full of adventures. George the koala, one of our study animals, is a perfect example. We captured him back in September last year in Wollemi National Park, at the start of koala breeding season and we fitted him with a new GPS collar. You can read about some of his adventures here...

Koalas, stubborn conservation dogs, and a shout out to our volunteers

It's been a busy few months of fieldwork, as we work to expand our Blue Mountains Koala Project into new areas and new habitats. First up, I'd like to say thanks to all the dedicated volunteers that came out koala spotting with us in Wollemi National Park recently...