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Thank You to Our Donors – Large and Small

During the recent bushfire season Science for Wildlife was overwhelmed by the range of people who donated to help our cause, both locally and internationally. The incredible community support allowed us to scale up our efforts and ensure that the best available science and technology was being applied on the ground where it counted. Today we want to take the opportunity to thank those individuals, businesses and organisations for their support. Their generosity was imperative to our ability to act quickly and save precious wildlife from the unprecedented bushfires. Thank you to our donors Science for Wildlife received donations from a range of ...

Exciting news from Africa

It's been a long road full of challenges but a road well worth travelling; we are delighted to announce that we have just received endorsement from the Zambian Government for our collaborative wildlife conservation program. The aim of the program is to restore biodiversity and ecosystem processes in the stunning Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia. In essence, it involves utilising large mammal species as flagships for conservation and includes working with eland, large carnivores, and elephants with a view to eventually reintroducing black rhino. We'll be undertaking ecological research to inform management, plus increasing protected area security ...

From eland to rhino, wildlife conservation in Africa

After a successful reccy trip to Zambia late last year Science for Wildlife is currently working with partner organisations to develop a proposal to restore populations of locally extinct or depleted wildlife species in the Lower Zambezi area. The project is being undertaken together with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Zambia, the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, and local not-for-profit Conservation Lower Zambezi.