Up, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s..

a high altitude koala!

And we thought Drop Bears were elusive. We spent much of last year stalking the even rarer Blue Mountains koala…

With some great success. We called it quits just before Christmas having discovered many more koalas than we believed existed at any one site in the Mountains. The next step for 2015 is more challenging.

Together with researchers from the University of Western Sydney, Dr Ben Moore and Scott Bevins, we will be putting in a concerted effort to catch the koalas to fit tracking collars to them. This is necessary so that we can follow them to find out where they go and what they eat. The information we will gather is essential for the conservation of these rare and elusive, but very important koalas. Check out the video below to listen to a male koala trying to instigate a summer romance.

Stay tuned for more on our koala research adventures, and Happy New Year!