We are a volunteer-based organisation that depends on people like you! There are so many ways you can help. If you’d like to join us then you can subscribe here to learn about opportunities to assist in projects, from online and administration jobs through to remote fieldwork.

If you are a post-graduate student enrolled in a university and would like to undertake a study project with us, or just get some extra hands-on experience, then please contact us directly.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive opportunities about how you can join in our work. These include:

1. Koala and habitat surveys: like the Intrepid Koala Scat Surveys we are running from October 2020 to assess the impacts of the bushfires. You could help us to map remaining koala habitats, and become a scatologist!

2. Koala Spotting: We need helpers whenever we’re out trying to find and capture koalas to collar them and radio-track them for our ecological studies, and also when we’re surveying habitats for koalas or their scats. Be prepared for bushwalking in rugged terrain, it’s the Blue Mountains after all!

3. Bushfire emergency response actions – last summer during and after the fires we deployed and maintained water stations and food drops, and other tasks include helping process remote camera data. With climate change impacts, it’s only a matter of time until we need to do this again.

4. Radio track koalas (conditions apply): You’ll see koalas in the wild, and observe their natural behaviour and get to know individual koalas. You’ll need to attend a training day to learn the techniques, then join an experienced tracker to fine tune your skills over at least two more days. You’ll also need some previous experience with off-track bushwalking. We’d love you take up the challenge and help with this important work! We require koala trackers to commit to helping for a minimum of 10 days in a year after they have completed training.

Kellie and Sylvia
Photo credit: Molly Hart

5.  Help online: If you can’t join in our fieldwork we often need help with field data entry, website tasks and social media, general administration or specialist tasks – let us know what your skills are!


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