Wildlife Near Me

We are pleased to announce that, with support from the Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grants Program, we’re developing a new information sharing system that will increase the reach and effectiveness of bushfire recovery actions in the Blue Mountains and beyond.

A critical need was identified by stakeholders in the Blue Mountains during and after the Black Summer bushfires. A lack of evidence-based information and coordination prevented conservation efforts from having maximum impact for wildlife, and in some cases put wildlife and people at risk. To meet this need, we are creating a collaborative information sharing system. Wildlife Near Me will be a scalable, grassroots-based project built around sense of place in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area that will also be scalable to other regions.

Wildlife Near Me will help to ensure that wildlife emergency response actions and longer-term species recovery efforts are coordinated and effective.”

We will be working with key stakeholder organisations including Local Council, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Local Land Services, wildlife welfare organisations and other NGOs and community groups to create a system to drive an evidence-based and strategic approach to wildlife recovery, as well as increasing community participation in conservation activities and future emergency responses for wildlife.

The system will provide a one-stop-shop for local communities to access information and opportunities to participate in wildlife and habitat conservation, from citizen science projects to volunteering and habitat restoration actions in the local area, along with maps of priority areas for different species. Not only will communities learn what wildlife species live near them, Wildlife Near Me will ensure they have the tools to help conserve them.

We’re excited to get this project off the ground. The grant will also help us to build on our current koala conservation research and assess the status of a range of other species across the post-fire landscape in partnership with WWF, the University of Sydney and public land management agencies. We look forward to sharing more news soon.

If you’re currently in lockdown and looking for something to do, don’t forget to sign up for our online camera trap project where you can help to identify wildlife species that used the water and food we put out after the fires in 2020.